Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nightime in the Studio

magnolia drawings in kiln, originally uploaded by shannongarson.

Working into the night to finish the work for the show opening next Saturday. I have poor light in the studio and no light in the kiln shed. Packing huge porcelain bowls by candlelight certainly adds a frission of danger to the already slightly nerve-wracking process of firing!
Will there be any hidden hairline cracks in the rim exposed in this trail by fire?!!!!

I love how the candlelight makes the drawings on the pots look like Renaissance etchings.


Meagan Chaney said...

What a beautiful photo of your work by candlelight!

Hope your firing goes well.


Cheryl said...

Your stark working conditions are in direct contrast to the ethereal beauty of your work. It is breathtaking. Every show is a chance to show your artistry.

Amanda said...

I love this photo...but I couldn't stand the stress of loading a kiln by candle light - you've got more nerve than me! Hope it went well.