Sunday, July 20, 2008

Champagne Launch

shadow bowl

Over the last month I have been in the studio every spare moment making work for Seldengill's exciting Melbourne launch of "The Magnolia Project". A couple of years ago I met Graham Selden the director of recruitment firm Seldengill. Graham has been a patron of the arts for many years and has commissioned pieces from me for special events, and he generously offered his boardroom as a venue for a "Champagne launch " of my new work. I was very excited about this wonderful opportunity to meet Graham's friends and introduce my work to a whole new bunch of people. Business and art can be of great benefit to one another and in supporting artists by holding intimate events Graham and Seldengill offer more than just the chance to sell work as it is very difficult for artists and business people to meet in the natural order of the world.

The night was cold but clear, the champagne was cold and bubbly and I was cold and nervous! But the work looked beautiful and Graham had found a huge bunch of magnolia branches to grace his table.

The boardroom doors were shut and tied with a red ribbon as friends and patrons milled around the foyer and then... I cut the ribbon in my best Lady Mayoral manner and "The Magnolia Project" was launched!

Graham looking extremely dapper and me looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights!


Yellis said...

Shannon, that is fabulous. I want, I want.....
Down in Oz on the 28th August. Can't wait. See you very soon.

Patricia Griffin said...

Congrats! What an exciting launch to a beautiful show. Your work deserves such a special event.

Marilyn Paul, Sydney said...

Congratulations Shannon, I look forward to seeing you again in November, and adding to my new treasures.

gracia said...

How beautiful your work looks... always a delight. And, you don't look at all like a rabbit caught in the bright lights (though I know that feeling all too well).

Enjoy what remains of your weekend, g

Anonymous said...

Congrat Shannon, geez I'd look like road kill in the spotlight, you look good