Monday, June 09, 2008

Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards

It is with both sadness and excitement that I write this post. The wonderful ceramics journal "Ceramics Art and Perception" started by Janet Mansfield 18 years ago is leaving Australia.

"Ceramics Art and Perception" has been a source of inspiration and debate for potters around the world. The articles have been of a very high standard and the "Arts/Craft" debate, which continues to grind on was rendered irrelevant in the pages of this journal by the both the quality of the work presented and the quality of the critical debate.

The other aspect of CAP that always excited and inspired me was Janet's editorial letter. Here was and Australian, a potter flying around the world, engaged in international issues, meeting and talking with fascinating people and generously sharing her ideas and inspiration. Under Janet's guidance this magazine drew many Australian artists into the international arena, and bought many international artists to Australia.

Janet Mansfield (third from the left) at the recent Sturt Woodfire conference. This photo was taken to accompany a great article on the conference by Avi Amesbury.

Thanks Janet and all the people who contributed to Ceramics Art and Perception over the years. My emerging years as an artist were made incomparably richer through the intellectual and visual inspiration offered in it's pages.

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