Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cultivating the Collectors

A friend has a collection of my "Butterfly" vessels

Yesterday one of my new friends told me that she had decided to collect my work. I was thrilled and flattered.

Collectors are the most important people in an artists career. Often they are friends who have been buying your work since the first wobbly efforts. And then, when you get more advanced total strangers begin to collect your work.

Kylie Johnson is a wonderful collector(as well as being an artist herself) She began collecting other artists work when she was in college and now her house is an inspiration. She has general collections such as contemporary ceramics and works on paper and more specific collections within this of artists that she has followed and supported (Thanks Kylie!)

Artists are some of the best collectors as they have friendships with their peers which begin the collection. I've been to some great artists houses with collections of contemporary art. Artists are probably limited to collecting one or two artists by lack of funds at first but, as the years go by and the collection grows this limitation becomes one of the chief strengths of the collection.

A small collection of "Beastie Bowls" from Craft Victoria

Following a single artist throughout their career is very rewarding. A collection of various artists in a particular genre can be structured by focusing on a couple of artists over a period of years. This collection gradually reveals the growth of a philosophy. Themes that the artist engages with emerge and submerge.

A sustained collection grows with both the collector and the artist. Collecting in this way gives both the artist and the collector hope and inspiration.

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carole epp said...

i find being an artist the only way i can build my has gotten me the bulk of our collection's pieces. We also add to our collection each time we travel somewhere, rather than buying something touristy or splurging on an expensive meal we buy a small piece to have that always reminds us of that trip.
i always think it's fun to get a peek into others collections to see what sorts of pieces they collect and why...