Wednesday, April 23, 2008

international pots

Ceramics can really take you places. This work has been selected for the International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan. Sending ceramics to Japan seems a bit like taking Spaghetti to the Italians so this is a great honour.

The Nest work has grown and developed over the years and is now working more dynamically in family groups in this one for Japan the "chicks" are all oval shaped pulling towards the mother. The idea of the nest encompasses home and comfort and family and it seemed natural to work with family dynamics when grouping this work. There is a slight sense of yearning as the chicks head longingly towards their mother.

The bowls that are going to Mino are a continuation of the "Magnolia Project" The bowls themselves reference a blossom shape and the interiors will range from the palest pink imaginable through to a deep blush. I think these pots may resonate in Japan as I had to draw them really fast before the flowers and leaves wilted, this sense of urgency is in the air every springtime as the flowers burst in bloom and for a few weeks frantically flaunt themselves trying to attract the pollinators


Anonymous said...

This is great Shannon, congratulations. Your work has an oriental feel with the sparseness and classic shapes and minimal colours. I hope you do really well. Cheryl

Vipoo said...


They are beautiful and deserve the honour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, really like the chicks with momma cluster, great little characters..& congrats too