Friday, February 15, 2008

Fit for what?

Being a mother, artist and trying to look half way decent is nearly killing me. I'm not totally vain but I have started yoga classes in the vain hope that by doing exercise once a week I'll return to my former skinny self-(I know this is not the point of yoga.) I like to get there early so I can get a position in the corner of the room and no-one can see me. Today I was in a Very Good Discreet Position until the teacher moved to the side and then I was in a Very Bad Position right in front.....
So instead of thinking about my prana and breathing peacefully I was wishing that no-one was behind me, looking at my butt and watching me wobble all over the place.( I know this is very egotistical and absolutely not the point of yoga, but between remembering my breath, trying to ascertain left from right and wondering how much longer I can hold the warrior pose, egotistical thoughts just slip in!) Shula has a very funny blog Poppalina and is a yoga goddess.

Sometimes it seems to me that spending half a day on this is wasting good working time. I think it is really important though both for back health and mental health. When you are self- employed you have to take very good care of your physical being as there are no paid sick days, and potters especially have to watch their backs.

I have the first images of "The Magnolia Project" The full exhibition will be at Salmon Galleries n McMahon's Point, Sydney from March the 8th.

....More pictures tomorrow


Bibbi said...

The magnolia series is beautiful!

Hope you come to terms with your yoga, it can eventually make you strong. Which is quite important for us clay persons. But it seems you are very hard with yourself? More smile, less prana?

shula said...

Forget about your bum. Everybody's too busy trying to breathe to look at yours.

And weight loss and fitness might not be the point, but it sure is nice.


Not a Yoga Goddess, Really.