Thursday, January 31, 2008

The OTHER Shannon Garson

There is another Shannon Garson. She is a vocalist and keyboard player for a gothic/electronic band called Butterfly Messiah. The other Shannon Garson is described as having a "Lush, ethereal voice" I am described as having the sort of voice that only my own children could listen to, and even then only before they can actually speak and tell me to shut up!

The existence of the other, lush and ethereally voiced Shannon Garson makes me wonder what I would do if I wasn't an artist. I've come to the conclusion that I might be either a midwife or a mushroom grower.

Both professions are quite scientific and involve looking at a set of circumstances, (human body, foetus, general health of mother, or soil, compost, spore etc) and moving around all the physical elements to create the most harmonius set of circumstances- a lovely baby and healthy mother or delicious gourmet mushrooms! This has certain similarities to creating pots.

So hail to all the other selves out there .....and to all the other real Shannon Garsons!


Anonymous said...

Hi shannon, When I was a kid my mum had a saying (old folk humour)
"they treat me like a mushroom"... "keep me in the dark and feed me shit"..boom boom. :0 Pru ;)

patrick said...

That's so cool! I only ever found one other Patrick Garson, and he was like seven years old in Canada.

I think you make lush and ethereal meals sometimes.

ephemeral arts said...

How very lovely, I've often wondered about you as well, when i google my name and these amazing ceramic pieces come up. I also paint...

maybe the creativity comes from our name! so nice to meet you.