Thursday, November 22, 2007

self protecting crafters

Fliss from Udder makes wonderful toys

I wanted to write this post which is both alarming and inspiring. my friend Fliss from Udder made me aware of a theft. The victim is Ann wood (a wonderful artist who I have written about before) and I don't know the perpetrators but through the benign and protective influence of this strange little corner of the blogging world their dreadful crime was outed and stopped!

These people stole Ann's design for one of her birds. They then had the temerity to get themselves high profile stockists and press throughout Australia. I find this simultaneously believable and absolutely shocking. Craft artists work so hard to make their art and make so little money and Ann Wood's birds are so

original and whimsical. For these people who are obviously clever crafters, to think it would be OK to rip off another's designs and profit from them is outrageous.

What I found inspiring about this whole sorry tale is that the crafting bloggers went into Nancy Drew mode and not only defended Ann but also tracked down the perps and contacted the owners of the stores that were trustingly selling these copies as original works. As a result of this cyber-community effort the copied birds were pulled from the shelves. Excellent work everyone. I'm proud to be part of such a community.

This is some more of Ann's amazing work.

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eva said...

Oh, I know Ann Wood and her creation through her blog. She is amazing! And I wonder HOW can this happen! I have read about stealing etc, but this is the top! really, sometimes I wonder whether it is a good idea after all, to show your work in your blog.
I`m glad that copycats were caught and stopped!