Friday, October 26, 2007

Dream Studios

I consider my insatiable curiosity about other people's houses part of my job. Being a maker for domestic spaces has always been my aim. Long before I went to art college and was asked "Why don't you paint it on the wall or...on the ceiling?" (!) I felt that getting into peoples lives was going to be my small way of changing the world. I love walking along the street at night and getting glimpses into other peoples windows. What books do they have on their shelves? What are they eating? How beautiful is their couch and what paintings do they have on their walls?

Similarly I love seeing others studios, this is where the hard work and hard inspiration happens. I collect photos of my dream studios, my favorite at the moment is Thomas Brolin's studio in Sweden,

although Hector Pottery in New Zealand comes close, imagine potting this close to the sea?

Karin Ericksson in Sweden is moving to a new studio and follwing her blog in the next few weeks will yield photos of an amazing space, here is a tantalizing glimpse...

My studio is under our tall wooden house. I painted it golden yellow, thinking of the burnished colour of ripe wheat. It has a large messy working area and a special cupboard for displaying finished pieces. I have 1930's style cut glass lampshades. It is dim and cool and humid, sometimes my pots take 2 or three days to dry enough to turn.

Here is my challenge to artists whatever your space, a corner behind the wardrobe or a purpose built palace of design post photos with a small description of why your studio is like it is.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

i think it was your lemon studio that inspired me to paint my kitchen that colour... beautiful.

Florence said...

like Sarah's last post..I to am learning to love yellow :) love it Shannon!


Opra said...

I understand you. Though I am not a designer, I like to watch interior in different houses. It helps me to change something in my house.