Monday, July 09, 2007

Craft Guerrillas of the World Unite!

Craft Guerrillas of the World Unite!
Any one interested in acts of spontaneous creativity has to read about the adventures of the "Thin Lamp ".
This lamp was created by a designer who is simply named Guerrilladesigner . This artist believed that the "Thin Lamp" deserved a place at a prestigious competition opening at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, they neither entered nor were invited to be part of the fabulous event. In a move akin to something out of a Mission Impossible movie these brave and intrepid designers smuggled their lamp into the event an displayed it on a drinks table while they recorded the whole thing on their mobile phones and swigged heaps of free cocktails!
I love it!

Taking the power to show your work into your own hands is something that artists and designers need to do more of.... don't let the bureaucrats and so called sponsors get you down. Spontaneous creativity could become a virulent outbreak!

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