Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Magnolia Project

DSCF0966, originally uploaded by shannongarson.

I have started a new project. It is based around an amazing garden with a magnolia orchard. This morning I packed Sweet Pea , a pram , my camera, sunhat, notebook and assorted bits a fabric which the well- prepared mother should never travel without for wiping up unexplained and inexplicable messes, into the car and drove to the lovely secret garden. It has been planted for the future when all the magnolia will grow in to wood and ther branches will combine creating a dappled , twisted canopy of blossom.


patrick said...

Your photos are always so beautiful Shanny, that magnolia looks _amazing_. Where is the garden? Where???????

I'm astonished you can get deciduous magnolias to bloom or grow at all in QLD, I'm assuming it must be somewhere in Maleny!

michelle said...

Oh how sweet. I went to college in an old southern american town, and the magnolia trees were so huge, that pathways were cut away through them, and I walked to class through a heady, secret pathway of sweet magnolias, it was the best part of that damn school.