Thursday, April 05, 2007

Year-round gardening

Two Lepidoptera art items.
Rose Cobb's "Unity" light shade is made of porcelain with the shadowy moths glowing through the translucent material.
And visit gardener extraordinaire and photographer Rinne Allen's website for an evocative walk through the minutiae of garden life in Athens , Georgia. I feel a certain kinship with Rinne as she has also moved back to the small town in which she grew up. This is a strange thing as I couldn't wait to leave the place when I was 17.

Rinne says of Athens "Athens provides a beautiful place to live and work, as well as a near year-round gardening calendar due to its mild clime." This is very similar to my town, she lives in what sounds like a historic house, and even though my house is not what you would call historic it is historic for me. I used to look at my house when I was a little kid and think what a nice house it was and how I would like to live in it. Rinne Allen has a great vegetable garden - which is what I dream about........

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