Monday, March 26, 2007

world wide art

I'm trying to make an effort to be less Anglo-centric with my entries about artists. This is hard as in a typical, pathetic Anglo-Australian way I can really only speak one language (Although my French has a little je ne sais quoi!). Also I read that the web is pretty much all in English- so that makes it hard for anyone with no English, no matter how multi lingual they are.

I have found some fabulous ceramics from Sweden. Carin Nordling's pots have a retro almost 1930's feel to them that reminds me of the art of the Bloomsbury group.

Ulla Lidholm's casseroles with birds on top make my heart sing.

And... these amazing pieces by Hisako Mizuno are so soft, and pure to use one would be like capturing a cumulo nimbus. I like these pieces because in their softness and defiance of the essential hardness of the materials they draw attention to the fragility and egg shell, brittleness of porcelain.

They are all from the Blas and Knada website.


Florence said...

all very interesting work! I can see why you might like the bird casserol dishes :)


Uschi said...

The work of Hisano Mizuko realy amazes me. As you say: it looks so soft. Could be latex.....
It seems interesting to create work, which looks like a paradoxum to the material, that is used