Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creeping Toad Lily

My garden is so overgrown and wild. The end of a pregnant Queensland summer has led to Morning Glory twining itself through everything and grass springing up in all the gardens. But if you look closely you can still find amazing, beautiful things growing in the weeds. We have a fine crop of pumpkins competeing with the other weeds, the Magnolia Grandiflora has a single bud (it is still a very small tree) and the other magnolia also has one, secret, fuzzy green bud.

One of my favourite plants is the Creeping Toad Lilly. I love the name and the weird spotted purple flowers, this makes me think of a plant from a fairy tale. What arcane properties does a Creeping Toad Lilly bring to a spell? Will it wake up sleeping princesses? Will it transform the unwary into something strange or terrible?

Micheal Sherrill makes these magnolia sculptures. These sculptures make me think of what art is really about- how the close observation of nature is transformed through the artists eye into something that makes conceptual or philosophical point about the world we live in. Sherrill says of his work
"I think the result of what I am doing stimulates the viewer to be inquisitive about what the eye is seeing. At the same time, the object itself is defined by its simplicity and straightforwardness."