Thursday, July 27, 2006

tiny details

That delighful Blueberry Fool has alerted me to the Biomedical Images Awards. These images are amazing. I love seeing things about the details of life and you can't get much more detailed than this.

In a funny kind of way the excitement I feel about the biomedical images links in to the excitement I feel about handmade objects. Both of these strange esoteric disciplines are followed by artists who have become skilled technichians in thier own special fields. The handmade object and the biomedical image are both ways of letting busy, unintrested people see into the life we lead and ponder for a moment or two over its wierdness, and wonder.

This image is a stinging nettle.


Florence said...

That is a stunning image! I love all the tiny scales looping and gathering close to the node points on the spikes. And what a beautiful colour too.

Your new work for the Sydney exhibition looks great. Don't forget to post that up!


larissa said...

wow, how beautiful and amazing that image is. Thanks for the link!