Saturday, June 10, 2006

perfect cakes

An article was recently printed in the Sydney Morning Herald. It discusses the Art/Craft debate through the Art pavilion at the Royal Sydney Easter Show. The reviewer wonders why the terrible paintings are called art when the fabulous cakes are relegated to "mere" craft. (the whole article is on my website

I too have a soft spot for cakes (and craft) and find Jocelyn's Provisions- a bakery in James St , Fortitude Valley a great place for inspiration and sustenance. Last time I went in there there were chocolate cupcakes with rich, velvety dark brown icing and a deep red rose petal looking like it had just fallen in the garden on top of each one. There were also loaf shaped butter cakes pink iced with variegated red and white camellia petals, Beef Rendang pies with the butteriest pastry imaginable, and my favourite ricotta cakes with a layer of poached fruit through the middle.


sarah said...

mmm jocelyn's is the best, the ricotta and poached fruit is my favourite too!

shannon said...

Hi Sarah,
Im so glad you got in touch- I love your blog. I hope you don't mind me using one of your link discoveries in the "Drawing on the web" entry?
Happy Feasting