Monday, June 19, 2006

bird week

Inspired by the recent "Colour Week" on numeroous blogs throughout the web. I've decided to have my own theme week so welcome to "Bird Week". Every day this week "Strange Fragments" will feature a bird related blog. Why? Because I think "Bird Week" has a funny sound and I really like birds!

The first birds I'd like to mention are Ann Wood's raggedy toy birds. These are the scrappy kind of birds that you might find hiding in those elusive "safe places" where you put things you don't want to lose. Very shy, oddly beautiful, they are distinguished by their lacy plumage and when camoflaged can be mistaken for wisps of long forgotten balls or faded birthday parties.


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Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Mmmm Bird Week - I love it!!! Makes me want to go and make some bird related jewellery- you can see how i get distracted. I love your birds nest bowls that got sold out at your last show :( before i realised they were actually for sale- please post an image soon.