Friday, May 12, 2006

first blog ever

This is my first blog ever. I was inspired by Rebecca the Wrecker (otherwise known as Rebecca Ward jeweller to the stars ( and the nobodies!)

Last weekend I went out to Kingaroy to do some sketches for new work based on the landscape of the Booie Ranges. I drove all the way which sounds like a very ordinary thing for a 34 year old to do except that I am still learning to drive. I was so tense by time we got there my foot had a cramp from trying to stay off the accelerator! Luckily we live in Australia and not New York as I only passed two cars. We stopped at Blackbutt Woodfired Bakery and had a pie, it is right next to an Art Gallery called Butt Art.

We stayed in a beautiful house. They had a studio there made from rammed earth and an old concrete water tank. The tank had been cut in half and a rammed eartth verhanda added to the front with windows and french doors looking out over the edge of the range into the gum forest. Everyone loves these grown up versions of a cubby house and this was a luxury one.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Wow, congratualations for driving all the way there and not causing any accidents!!- there are plenty of us 30+ year old women who cannot drive or are still learning, we should all take your example and drive out to Blackbutt for a pie!
I really cannot wait to see this new range of pots.

Lilli&Tom said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm a friend of Bec's. I love your work. I bought one of your tiny dragonfly bowls for my mum last year, she loves it!!

Congrats on the blog:)

BTW I still can't drive and I'm,shhhh, over thirty too. I have a car though, still trying to find the time...

I hope to meet you one of these days.

Florence Forrest xx